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At Racing Club, it’s important to us that horse racing is not just a sport, but a lifestyle and a community. We believe in the power of camaraderie and the joy of shared experiences. Our foundations are built on the strong bonds of friendship, ensuring that every member feels welcomed and valued.

Our History

The foundations of Racing Club weaves together the threads of great friendship, shared experiences, and an unwavering passion for the captivating world of horse racing. It begins with a fortuitous gathering of a team of exceptional and highly motivated individuals, each contributing their unique experiences, global networks and will to win and whatever it is that they put their energy and drive into. Among this remarkable group, TV personality and Sunday Times bestselling author Jordan Wylie MBE and Cheltenham festival winning trainer Jamie Snowden, comrades who had stood shoulder to shoulder during their military service, formed an unbreakable bond built over 20 years of friendship.

As their military days transitioned into new endeavours, the duo crossed paths with another former military man from the RAF, an extraordinary individual named Gary Gillies. A successful entrepreneur with a background in affiliate and digital sports marketing and gaming, Gary brought his infectious passion for horse racing as an owner and investor to the table. His expertise in affiliate sports and gaming markets elevated their shared vision, adding new dimensions to their collective journey. The trio’s circle expanded further with the arrival of mutual friend Darren Colebrook, a seasoned marketing and advertising professional with a global perspective. Armed with extensive experience, Darren’s profound understanding of the industry and commitment to excellence bolstered their aspirations. His insights and skills enhanced their ability to create remarkable experiences within the Racing Club.

Completing the team of founding directors and business partners is Richard Jaques. A veteran in the field, Richard has spent over two decades in and around the Horse Racing Industry with roles covering Brand, PR, Sponsorship and overseeing overall marketing strategy for brands including the Jockey Club, Betfair, Coral and Racing TV. You might also occasionally see him providing betting updates on Sky Sports Racing. Richard’s invaluable experience became a cornerstone of our syndicate’s marketing endeavours. Together, these great friends with a shared love and passion for sport, racing, and unforgettable moments, realised that their collective talents and unwavering dedication could form the foundation of an exceptional new exciting project for others to get involved with and benefit from, Racing Club was born…

Meet The Team

At Racing Club we are committed to providing our customers with a top-class racehorse ownership experience. We pride ourselves in the diversity and expertise found within our team and take an immense pride in our roles. We have assembled a team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing forth unique perspectives and skills to our community.
Gary Gillies
Gary Gillies is one of our founders and investors with a global business portfolio in the affiliate sports marketing and gaming world. Gary has always had a love for racehorses and has had great success on the track too over the years. An incredibly successful entrepreneur, keen golfer, football fan with a passion for high performance sports cars too!
Jordan Wylie MBE
Jordan Wylie MBE is a remarkable individual whose passion for adventure and dedication to making a difference knows no bounds. We are honoured to have Jordan as an integral part of our leadership team, and his presence exemplifies the spirit of determination and achievement that we strive to uphold in every aspect of our Racing Club.
Richard Jaques
Richard describes himself as ‘incredibly lucky’ to have spent a large chunk of his working career in and around horse racing. Over the years he has worked in PR and Sponsorship roles focussing on some of the biggest racedays in the UK and also had a lengthy spell at The Jockey Club overseeing Marketing for Epsom Downs, Kempton Park and Sandown Park Racecourses. Away from work Richard puts himself through the mill following Sunderland AFC and Durham CCC and for added stress an occasional round of golf.
Jamie Snowden
Jamie has trained over 350 winners and is lucky enough to have already trained two Cheltenham Festival winners. Jamie nurtured a passion for racing from an early age, through Pony Club, hunting, and then riding in Point-to-Points. Whilst at school, he rode out for Nigel Twiston-Davies, and during his gap year he worked as an Assistant Trainer for a flat yard in New Zealand. Jamie loves most sports and is also an Arsenal football fan and can often be found at the Emirates with his family when not racing.
Barry Brennan
Barry has been involved in racing for over 50 years and enjoys breeding horses as well as training them. If not in the yard, he can be found with his son Tom – a Team GB speedway champion – or catching up with daughter Ellie when she is back from university. Barry has a keen interest in boxing and is also a passionate supporter of his partner’s livery yard.
Charlie Pike
Charlie developed a passion for horses at a young age through show jumping and hunting. It didn’t take him long to show an interest in horse racing and that prompted him to take his first job at local trainer Jimmy Fox’s stable. He is now working full time as a pupil assistant to Barry Brennan while also under the close eye of Jamie Snowden, who continues to mentor Charlie and oversee his professional development on his quest to be a successful horse racing trainer.
Fredrika Sommarlund
Freddie has always had a passion for horses and has ridden since she was a young girl. She has worked in the racing industry for six years, gaining valuable experience and making unforgettable memories. Excited for her new role as the Social Media Manager for Racing Club, she is looking forward to the challenge it offers. In her free time, Fredrika enjoys coaching CrossFit and loves exploring the English countryside.
Molly Smith
Molly is a powerhouse in many areas, wearing multiple hats with grace and flair. As the Racing Club secretary & HR director, she excels in fostering a supportive work environment for all our hard-working team as well as our members. Alongside her thriving career, Molly is a devoted mother who cherishes quality time with her children. She also loves fitness and the great outdoors. Molly is a passionate race goer and loves nothing more than getting dressed up for a glitzy and glamorous day at the races with friends.

Our Vision

At Racing Club, our vision is to lead the way in transforming the horse racing syndicate business. We aim to create an unrivalled experience that provides exceptional opportunities to own and race thoroughbred horses at the highest level. With a commitment to horse welfare, transparency and excellence, Racing Club envisions becoming the ultimate destination for those seeking the thrill of ownership and the joy of witnessing their horses compete and succeed on the grandest stages of the racing world.

Community and Inclusivity

We believe that horse racing should be accessible to all. We welcome enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere at Racing Club.

Integrity and Ethics

Upholding the highest ethical standards is at the core of our operation. We are committed to transparency and accountability to our members and industry stakeholders as well as the ethical treatment of our horses.

Horse Welfare

We prioritise the health, happiness and well-being of our horses above everything else. We ensure they are provided with the utmost care, respect and responsible management throughout their racing careers and beyond.

Education and Engagement

We strive to empower our members with knowledge and insights into the world of horse racing. Through educational initiatives and interactive experiences, we aim to deepen our members’ understanding and appreciation for the sport.

Success and Excellence

Driven by a passion for competition, we relentlessly pursue excellence on the racetrack. We celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small, while learning from every challenge to continuously improve our performance and the members’ experience.

Camaraderie and Fun

We cherish the sense of camaraderie and fun that comes from being part of a syndicate. We encourage teamwork, shared experiences and celebration of each other’s successes, creating unforgettable memories along the way.Through our commitment to these values, Racing Club aims to be the leading destination for horse racing syndicates, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment where dreams of horse ownership become a reality, and where members can share in the joy of witnessing their horses compete at the highest level of the sport globally.

Contact Us

Our friendly team at Racing Club is always ready to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. We firmly believe that effective communication is the key to fostering a long-lasting relationship with our members. Therefore, we encourage you not to hesitate in reaching out to us with your queries, comments or any suggestions you may have.
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