1. What is a horse racing syndicate?

    A horse racing syndicate is where at least two people join together to purchase shares in a racehorse. When you purchase a share in one of our RC Syndicate racehorses, your contribution helps towards training fees, veterinary bills, travelling costs etc. Once you buy the share, there are no hidden costs.

  2. Do I own a share in my selected horse?

    Yes. As a shareholder in a RC Syndicate Horse you actually own the percentage of the horse relating to how many shares purchased. eg If you buy 1 of the 4,000 shares in Wendigo you will own 0.025% of Wendigo. Full details and all of the small print regarding your share and ownership can be found at https://racingclub.com/terms-and-conditions/

  3. Do I receive prize money if my horse wins or places?

    Simple answer – yes! If your horse wins any prize money, at the end of the syndicate term it will be distributed to each syndicate member’s account proportionately to reflect their shareholding in the horse, unless it is less than £10 per share, in which case we will hold on to the funds until the prize money due to you is more than £10. You can read more about how prize money is distributed here.

  4. What happens to my horse when they are not in training?

    When a horse isn’t racing, either through the off-season or due to injury, the horse will usually move from the trainer’s yard to a pre-training yard, farm or stud. This gives the horse time to relax and recover, usually in the company of other racehorses.

    The pre-training yard will gradually improve the fitness of the horse before moving back to the trainer’s yard ahead of racing. All holiday, rehabilitation and holiday costs are included in your initial payment, so no further charges will apply to cover this.

  5. Is my horse guaranteed to run?

    Unfortunately we can’t offer a guarantee that your horse will run, as there is always the possibility the horse may get ill and/or injured. Everyone involved in the training of the horse will do their utmost to ensure the horse will run, but with the welfare of the horse the priority, if the horse isn’t deemed fit to race we will not enter them.

  6. Who decides when and where my horse will run?

    All decisions relating to the training, entries and declarations of a horse are made by the trainer in liaison with the syndicate manager. We aim to share this information and the decision-making process with you through our various media channels so that you are always kept in the know on how your horses are doing and what plans are being discussed.

  7. Is my horse insured?

    No, we do not insure the horses. You may be able to insure your individual share(s), but we do not offer this service.

  8. Whose silks will the horse run in?

    All RC Syndicate horses will run in the official Racing Club silks. The description of the silks is ‘dark blue silks with a white ‘R’ & Yellow ‘C’ embedded on the chest, yellow armlets and a dark blue & yellow quartered cap. There will be our general silks for the majority of our syndicate horses, however there may be different coloured silks for some of our VIP/bespoke syndicates. All silks will feature the RacingClub ‘RC’ on the front and back of the silks.

    Each horse will run under a unique syndicate name – e.g. Wendigo will be RC Syndicate l and Farceur Du Large will be RC Syndicate ll.

  9. Which jockeys will ride our horses?

    Racing Club trainers work with some of the top jockeys in the country. Jamie Snowden’s stable jockey is Gavin Sheehan, who has won multiple Grade 1 races as well as having plenty of success at Cheltenham Festival.

    Barry Brennan doesn’t have a retained jockey but still has some excellent jockeys to ride his horses. Recently he has used the likes of Charles Bishop, Rob Hornby and Tom Queally, the latter being best known for riding racing superstar Frankel to victory in all 14 races in his career.

  10. How much does it cost to join Racing Club?

    Share prices in RC Syndicate horses vary, with availability from just £45 per share. For that one-off fee, you can become a member of a racing syndicate and take advantage of all the fantastic benefits on offer.

  11. What is the price breakdown for a share?

    Horse Value. This is the cost of your share based on the horses value at the time of purchase. 
    All racing costs. This includes training fees, veterinary fees, entry/declaration fees, and everything else included in the costs for racing. 
    Management Fees. These are the costs incurred for the running of RacingClub.com.
    Charity. Racing Club will make a contribution to charity for each horse in our syndicates. 
    Post Racing Contribution. We set aside a fund which will be used towards finding the horse a new career or home after racing.

  12. How long does the share term last?

    Each racehorse syndicate will start and end on set dates each year and will run for 12 months, known as the Syndicate Term. The end date will be fixed, so for example if you purchase a share two months into the term, your end date will still be the end of the term ten months later. At the end of the 12 month Syndicate Term, we will either choose to end the syndicate or renew it for another 12 months.

  13. Can I expect to make a return on my investment?

    Buying a share in a racehorse should never be seen as an investment opportunity. Although some horses go on to have successful and profitable racing careers, the majority do not and buying a share in a racehorse should be seen as entertainment only.

  14. What if I change my mind and want a refund?

    You are able to request a full refund within 14 days of purchasing your share(s). To request a refund, please contact us via email – [email protected], or write to us at 14 London Street, Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SP10 2PA. 

  15. What will I receive upon purchasing a share?

    There are two different options when purchasing a share, you can either choose a digital pack that will be delivered to yours or the recipients emails, or you can choose a printed welcome pack to arrive in the post:

    Digital Pack includes:
    Welcome Brochure
    Certificate of Ownership
    Digital Postcard of your chosen horse with Pedigree Tree on the reverse.
    Printed Welcome Pack includes:
    A physical Welcome Brochure booklet
    Certificate of Ownership
    Printed Postcard of your chosen Horse with Pedigree Tree on the reverse. 

  16. Can I buy a share as a gift?

    Yes you can! Simply choose which horse you would like to gift a share in, click the horse profile and click ‘Gift A Share’. You can choose which date they receive the share too, so it’s perfect for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

    To gift a share, simply click HERE, choose which horse you would like to gift a share in, click ‘Full Horse Profile’, then click ‘Gift A Share’.

    A share in a racing syndicate makes a great gift for any racing fan. No matter how large or small the share, there is no better feeling than watching ‘your’ horse run in a race! Better still, with Racing Club there will be opportunities to win tickets to our exclusive boxes at Wembley, the O2 Arena and at Southampton FC. Our syndicate is one more than just racing and one of the most inclusive around.

  17. How do I receive updates on my horse?

    After purchasing a share in one of our syndicates, you will automatically be added to our communications from Racing Club. We will be providing regular updates on your horse and future plans for when and where they could be racing in the future. 

  18. Can I go and see my horse at the trainer’s yard?

    Of course! Stable visits to the trainer’s yard are one of the perks of being a part of the Racing Club and owning a share in an RC Syndicate and will be organised throughout the syndicate term. We will strive to allow as many owners as possible to visit the horses, however there may be cases where we’re unable to accommodate all owners at a single event. If this is the case, we will open a ballot for the event. All stable visits are free of charge, the only costs you would have to cover would be travel and food/drink.

  19. Can I visit the yard if I am disabled?

    We will always strive to make our stable visits accessible to all. However, certain yards may not be easily accessible for disabled visitors, so we recommend checking accessibility before booking a stable visit.

  20. Can I go and see my horse run at the racecourse?

    100% yes! We highly recommend and encourage owners to come and enjoy a day at the races with us whenever your horses are running. Racecourse allocate a specific amount of Owners Badges for each horse entered. These badges give you access to the Owners & Trainers facilities, as well as free entry to the course and access to the Paddock and Winners Enclosure. When an RC Syndicate horse runs we will distribute Owners Badges and Tickets via a ballot. 

    Regardless if you receive an Owners badge for the raceday, we still highly encourage you to attend, and we will always arrange a meet up with all owners on the day. This way you will still be able to receive updates from the trainer, jockey and Racing Club management team.

  21. Are there other events I can attend as an owner?

    Racing Club will be looking to run other events, such as ‘watchalongs’ of major racing events at our yard, social events and other sporting events. As an owner, you will also receive regular ballots for events at our boxes at Wembley, The O2 Arena and Southampton FC, which is something you will not find with other syndicates.

  22. What if I’m unable to attend any stable visits or events?

    If you’re unable to attend, we will always provide plenty of coverage on our social media channels, with video content, photo’s and any trainer/jockey questions covered.

  23. What happens at the end of the Syndicate Term?

    At the end of the Syndicate Term, providing there is enough interest you will have the option to renew your membership for another Syndicate Term. If that is the case, you do not need to pay for any share(s) you already own, so the price you pay per share after your first Syndicate Term will be the Syndicate Fees only. 

    If you choose not to renew after your Syndicate Term is up, we will try to sell your share for you on our website. If we find a new owner for your share(s) we will remit the amount the share(s) is sold for, to you. Please note this may be a higher or lower amount than the amount you paid for the share.

  24. What happens if not all owners want to renew in a syndicate?

    If there is a lack of interest in renewing a syndicate for another Syndicate Term, we will contact you and refund any Syndicate Fees you have paid in advance. We will then decide whether to sell the horse to another racing home, or retire the horse. Your ownership of your share(s) will continue until the horse has either been sold or rehomed.

  25. What happens if I want to make a complaint?

    We take all feedback and complaints seriously, and would hope to resolve any issues between ourselves and owners. If you’re unhappy and wish to make a complaint, you can do so by sending your complaint to [email protected] or send it in writing to 14 London Street, Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SP10 2PA.

  26. Does Racing Club fully comply with the British Horseracing Authority’s Syndicate Code of Conduct?

    Yes, the BHA (British Horse Racing Authority) have passed our T&C’s as compliant. You can view the BHA’s Syndicate Code Of Conduct here.

  27. Please could I see your terms and conditions?

    Of course! Our terms and conditions are available here – https://racingclub.com/terms-and-conditions/.

  28. Is there a possibility my horse could be sold during the syndicate term?

    There is the possibility that the horse could be sold during the syndicate term, with any of the following scenarios:

    Lack of interest to renew. If there isn’t enough interest to renew a syndicate for another syndicate term, we will contact you and refund any Syndicate Fees you have paid in advance. Your ownership of your shares will continue until the horse has either been sold or rehomed.
    Selling the horse to a new racing home. We may decide it is in the best interests of the syndicate (and the horse) to sell the horse to a new racing home. If this does happen, we will contact you to inform you of our intentions. We may sell either privately or by entering the horse in selling/claiming races until the horse is sold. 

    Retiring the horse from racing. If we receive advice from our appointed trainers/vets/managers, we may decide that it is in the best interest of the horse to retire him/her from racing. The welfare of our horses is our top priority, so we will always consider what is the best option for the horse. 
    If at any time, for any reason, the horse is sold then each syndicate member will receive the proportion of the sale that reflects their shares in the horse.

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