What is a Horse Racing Syndicate and How Does it Work?

What is a horse racing syndicate

Owning a race horse seems like a far-off dream for most. For a long time, it’s been an expensive hobby reserved for the fabulously wealthy, but no longer. If you’re looking to get involved with racehorse ownership, you could turn towards a horse racing syndicate instead to keep the costs down.

But what exactly is a horse racing syndicate? Read on, and we’ll take you through everything you need to know to get involved.

How Does Horse Racing Sydicates Work?

Put simply, a racing syndicate is when multiple people own a share in a racehorse, splitting the costs to make it cheaper individually.

Caring for a racehorse can be incredibly expensive, costing hundreds of pounds per week for base upkeep. However, thanks to race horse syndicates, you can now get involved with racehorse ownership for a fraction of the cost. In return for owning a share, you will usually receive a percentage of prizes earned over the horse’s career, plus any additional benefits offered by your syndicate. 

A racehorse syndicate is managed by a Syndicator(s), the only person involved who must be registered as an owner. The syndicator(s) must then present a list of horse racing syndicates members, which are the people who purchase shares.

Syndicate memberships can vary a lot in price depending on the size of the racehorse syndicate. The more people involved, the cheaper it will be to get involved as the costs are spread further. So, if you’re considering getting involved, shop around to find racehorse ownership syndicates that suits your budget and desired involvement.

Race Horse Syndicates vs Racing Clubs

The differences between a horse racing syndicate and a racing club can be difficult to distinguish, but the two are very different. 

A horse racing syndicate is when two or more people make a financial contribution in order to own part of a racehorse. This payment also contributes to training fees, race entry and costs, veterinary bills. A racing syndicate is run by the syndicator/s only. 

However, a Racing Club is primarily a subscription service, to experience some of the perks of owning a racehorse! The payer of the subscription does not have any ownership rights to the horse itself, this is managed by the club itself.

Syndicators vs Syndicate Members

Horse racing syndicators are very different from syndicate members, although they are both participants in a form of shared ownership of racehorses they have different roles. A syndicator is a person who manages, promotes and administers a syndicate. This person may receive payment for their role and use methods to attract syndicate members. 

Speaking of, syndicate members are people who own shares in the lease or ownership of one or more racehorse. This members receive a percentage of the prize money, profits from the sale of the horse, or breading rights, depending on the contract. You become a syndicate member by purchasing a race horse syndicate.

Horse syndicators must register as a sole company owner with the BHA, whereas a syndicate member does not.

What is a Micro Share?

A micro share is a type of syndicate share that’s shared across many, many people. By spreading the cost across hundreds or thousands of micro-owners, a racing syndicate can sell shares at much lower prices. 

Micro shareholders can benefit from many of the same benefits as regular racehorse syndicate members at lower prices. This makes horse ownership much more accessible, so you can dip your toes in without making a huge purchase.

Benefits of Racing Horse Syndicates

Buying into a racing horse syndicate can bring more perks than just ownership of the horse. These benefits tend to be standard across race horse syndicates, and you can expect most, if not all, of the following:

      • Events — the racing syndicate will alert you of events your horse is involved with, particularly upcoming races. You may also receive discounts on tickets to these events.

      • Jockey and trainer updates —  you’ll receive regular updates on the status of your horse, its health and training. 

      • Stable visits — your horse racing syndicate will arrange for you to visit the stable and meet your horse regularly.

      • Share of prize money —  as an owner, you’ll benefit when your horse wins races and events. You may also profit if it’s used for breeding.

      • Owners badge ballot — In a smaller syndicate, you may be afforded one of these anyway, but in larger syndicates, you’ll take turns to hold the owner’s badge. This badge grants you access to the racecourse VIP areas for horse owners. 

    If becoming a syndicate member appeals to you then check out our horses page and pick the syndicate the fits you best.

    Things to Do Before Joining a Horse Racing Syndicate

    Joining a horse racing syndicate might seem like an excellent idea, but there are some steps you should take before committing. Consider the following carefully before you make your decision:

        • Read the agreement carefully — ensure you understand the terms of your ownership. Is it a yearly fee or a bought and sold share? How much will you be paying? How often?

        • Ask questions — Never be afraid to ask syndicators further questions and learn everything you can. 

        • Check liability — find out what your syndicate’s liability policy is. You may not have the horse, but you still own it and could be held liable should it cause damages. 

        • Check insurance — does your syndicate include owner’s insurance as a part of the agreement? How much will it cover?

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