Epsom Downs Racecourse Guide

Racehorse and jockey in mid-gallop at Epsom Downs Racecourse with the grandstand and spectators in the background.

When you think of racecourses, there’s a good chance Epsom Downs is one of the first that comes to mind. Home of The Derby Festival, this is one of those racecourses fans dream of visiting at least once.

If you’re thinking of making that jump and attending an event at Epsom Down, we’ve compiled this guide of everything you need to know about it!


What’s on at Epsom Downs Racecourse?

  • The Spring Meeting — 23 April
  • The Derby Festival — 31 May – 1 June
  • Summer Evening racing — July/August
  • 2024 Season Finale — 29 September


What is the Epsom Downs Racecourse Address?

If you’re visiting Epsom Downs for the first time, here’s the racecourse’s address for easy access:

Epsom Downs Racecourse,



KT18 5LQ


How to Get to Epsom Downs Racecourse?

If you’re driving to the racecourse, finding it is easy. Epsom Downs is just off junction 9 of the M25 or a few minutes from Epsom Town Centre. It’s a major location, so you’ll find signs pointing you in the right direction as you approach, even more so during racing seasons. 

If you prefer public transport, you can also make your way to Epsom Downs by rail and bus – in fact, the racecourse encourages it! Taking an open-top bus to the racecourse is a traditional part of the race-going experience and could only add to your visit. The closest train stations are Epsom Station, Tattenham Corner Station and Epsom Downs Station, which are within walking distance. 


Where to Get Tickets?

You can purchase tickets through the Epsom Downs website, hosted by The Jockey Club, and adult tickets start at just £22. While you can potentially buy tickets on the day, the racecourse highly discourages this as they can’t guarantee that you’ll be granted access if you do.

If you’re arriving by car, parking changes between events, so be sure to follow the signs. There is also dedicated accessibility parking closer to the entrance for blue card holders — you must have your blue card handy so the stewards can direct you. The racecourse is proud to be accessible to all racegoers, regardless of age or physical ability. It also allows assistance dogs for free as long as owners have valid documentation.

Remember to keep your tickets on you throughout the day as they prove your clearance to enter various racecourse areas and access any hospitality facilities you booked. 


Epsom Downs Racecourse Enclosures


Elizabeth II Stand

This area of Epsom Downs has the distinction of being one of the most impressive stands across the UK. It’s a stand that strives to maintain a pocket of the classic horse racing culture, and, as such, it’s the only place where dress codes are upheld across the racecourse — see later in this guide for more information. 

It’s the most luxurious viewing experience at the racecourse, with unrivalled views of the finishing straight and Winner’s Circle.


Grandstand Enclosure

This is the classic enclosure for visitors to Epsom Downs, with the perfect views to take in the action. It’s notable for its relaxed atmosphere and central positioning in the racecourse. When you book a hospitality ticket, this is the enclosure you will usually gain admission to. 


Lonsdale Enclosure

Situated on the opposite side of the track to the stands, the Lonsdale enclosure is the standard viewing experience for racegoers. It’s an open-air viewing enclosure set along the finishing straight where you can settle in and even bring your own picnic. 


Upper Tattenham Enclosure

The Upper Tattenham enclosure grants you a view of the racers moving from the Tattenham corner into the finishing straight. While it isn’t the perfect view of the finishing line, this is the ideal budget option, with the cheapest adult tickets on offer so anyone can get involved with the races at Epsom Downs. 


What to Wear?

The dress policy at Epsom Downs is ‘dress to feel your best,’ meaning that racegoers are permitted to wear whatever makes them ready to enjoy themselves, whether this is classic racegoing formal wear or just a jumper and a pair of jeans. The only real restrictions are that clothing shouldn’t be obscene or inappropriate, and the racecourse prefers attendees to avoid wearing team colours to avoid antagonism. 

There is an exception: The Queen Elizabeth II Stand has a dress code on Derby Day. This preserves a space for the racegoers who want to engage with the classic ‘day at the races’ culture. You can find a detailed dress code on the Epsom Downs website. 


Food & Drink

There are various ways to enjoy food during your visit to Epsom Downs. There are a couple of luxurious restaurants as a part of the hospitality at the racecourse, but you can also find more casual concessions. Different food and drink will be available between events, but you’ll always find the likes of fish and chips, burgers and ice cream. Or, if you’d rather, attendees can bring picnics to eat in the open-air enclosures. You can find the picnic guidelines on the Epsom Downs website.


Contact Details


General Enquiries 01372726311
General Enquiries [email protected]
Ticket Enquiries 03445793004
Ticket Enquiries [email protected]


Nearby Accommodation

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the night during your visit, you’ll have plenty of options at Epsom Downs. Several hotels in the area include the Holiday Inn Express located on the racecourse grounds, The Lodge at Kingswood and the Orchid Hotel. Alternatively, you could find a B&B service within Epsom or use an app like Airbnb or Vrbo.

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Epsom Downs Racecourse Guide

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