Meet Our Flat Trainer – Barry Brennan

Get To Know Barry Brennan

Barry Brennan has been training horses for over 25 years, who trains Racing Club syndicate horses Letmelivemylife, Greycee Bell and Dayzee. We recently visited Barry at his yard in Lambourn to ask him some quick-fire questions to give you a bit more of a background into him:

What’s your name and where did you grow up?

My name is Finbar Joseph Brennan, but I’ve been called Barry all my life. I was the last one in the hall when the school register was called as I was waiting for Barry to be called out, not Finbar! I grew up local to Lambourn, in a town called Wroughton, near Swindon. 

What are your most treasured possessions? 

My kids – Tommy and Ellie. The days they were born were the happiest days of my life. Tommy was born at 26 weeks, and had to stay in hospital for the next 14 weeks. It was a tough time as my father passed away whilst Tommy was still in hospital, but it’s a cherished moment. 

What are you most scared of? 

My partner, Felicity – whilst I run things outside the house she certainly rules the roost in the house!

 Who were your heroes growing up? 

I had two heroes growing up – Fred Winter and John Francome. As a young lad I started with Fred Winter here at Lambourn. Growing up with the likes of John Francome and all their prestige in the eighties, you had to idolise him. 

Who would be your dream three guests (past and present) to your dinner party?

My uncle – Owen Brennan. He was a chap who could tell stories about anything and everything, and he’d have people in stitches. He had a very dry sense of humour but everybody loved him. He rode as a jockey and was a good trainer as well so he’d definitely be one! I’m a big boxing fan so I’d also have Henry Cooper. He was a legend of the sport and I’d love to hear him talk through some of his fights. I’d also have to have John Francome – racing is my life and he’s right up there with the best jockeys I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. 

What’s the one race you would want to win?

I’d love to win the Epsom Oaks. I love the fillies on the basis that they are our background in racing. Yes we have the Derby but I’ve got a real thing for the fillies races and they don’t get much bigger races than the Oaks, so it would have to be that.

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